LandBank Scholarship Program | Deadline, Eligibility, Requirements

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LandBank Scholarship Program


The Land Bank Scholarship Program is an initiative by the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) aimed at providing financial assistance to deserving and financially disadvantaged Filipino students to help them pursue higher education. The program is part of Land Bank’s corporate social responsibility efforts to support education and human resource development in the Philippines. The duration of the scholarship typically covers the entire duration of the student’s course, provided they maintain satisfactory academic performance and adhere to program requirements.

Starting in 2023 and continuing until 2028, LANDBANK plans to choose 60 fresh scholars each year. These scholars will receive P100,000 per year, which will take care of all their allowances and expenses including:

Tuition fee assistance.
Monthly stipend for living expenses.
Book and transportation allowances (depending on the program).
Opportunities for internship or on-the-job training.
Mentorship and career development support.

Eligibility Criteria

You need to be a Filipino citizen to apply.
Eligible candidates should be the grandchildren or children of ARBs.
To qualify, you must maintain an average grade of at least 90% or be in the top 10% of your class.
Additionally, applicants should obtain a letter of endorsement from their senior high school principal.
You cannot receive any other financial aid or scholarships from external sources.”
You must meet the admission requirements of Partner State Colleges and Universities (SUCs).
Your family’s annual income should not exceed P300,000.
Applicants should typically possess good moral character and should not have any record of disciplinary actions.

Application Process

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Check Eligibility:
Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarship. This may include factors such as academic performance, financial need, and other specific requirements set by the program.

Prepare Required Documents:
Collect all the necessary documents that are typically required for scholarship applications. These may include:

Academic transcripts and records
Proof of income or financial documents (if applicable)
Identification documents (e.g., birth certificate, passport)
Letters of recommendation
Essay or personal statement
Any other documents specified in the application guidelines

Complete the Application Form:
Fill out the scholarship application form provided by the Land Bank Scholarship Program. Ensure that you provide accurate and complete information.

Write a Personal Statement:
If required, write a compelling personal statement or essay explaining why you deserve the scholarship. Highlight your academic achievements, goals, and how the scholarship will help you achieve them.

Submit Your Application:
Submit your application form and all supporting documents by the specified deadline. Make sure to follow the submission instructions provided by the scholarship program.

Attend Interviews:
This scholarship requires applicants to participate in interviews as part of the selection process. Prepare for the interview by researching common interview questions and practicing your responses.

Wait for Notification:
Wait for a response from the scholarship committee regarding the status of your application. This may take some time, so be patient.

Accept the Scholarship:
If you are selected as a scholarship recipient, carefully review the scholarship terms and conditions. You will likely need to formally accept the scholarship and provide any additional information requested.

By announcing this scholarship program, the Land Bank of the Philippines has shown its commitment to fostering academic excellence and social development. By investing in the education of talented individuals from various socio-economic backgrounds, the Land Bank will not only enrich the lives of the recipients but also contribute to the overall progress and prosperity of the country. The impact of the Land Bank Scholarship will extend far beyond financial assistance. It will symbolize the belief that every Filipino, regardless of their circumstances, deserves an opportunity to access quality education and unlock their full potential.

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